From blending to packaging.

At Java®, we take pride in every step of our perfume creation process, ensuring that each bottle embodies the essence of quality, dedication, and careful attention to details. From sourcing the finest ingredients worldwide to blending, maturation, bottling, and packaging, our commitment is to deliver fragrances that transcend boundaries and captivate the senses, promising a truly unparalleled olfactory experience.

How Java® Fragrances are created.

1. Collecting the ingredients.

We meticulously curate our perfume ingredients from diverse corners of the world, dedicated to guaranteeing unparalleled quality. Our exquisite selection encompasses a harmonious blend of synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils, and absolutes, ensuring a fragrance that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses.

2. Blending the ingredients.

After selecting all the required ingredients, the next step involves blending them together. The oils are combined based on the formula created by our in-house Cebuano perfumer. These formulas undergo meticulous development spanning months or even years, encompassing a diverse range of tens to hundreds of ingredients.

3. Maturation of the concentrate.

After completing the blending process, we allow the concentrated fragrance to undergo a two-week maturation period before mixing it with alcohol. This maturation period is crucial for ensuring that the various ingredients harmonize and blend seamlessly.

4. Maceration of the finished perfume.

Following the maturation phase, the perfume concentrate is blended with alcohol and allowed to undergo an additional aging period of 4-8 weeks, determined by the complexity of the materials used. This crucial process mirrors the maturation of wines, as perfumes require adequate time in large containers to fully develop their distinct characteristics.

5. Bottling and packaging

After the completion of the perfume formulation process, we carefully bottle, label, and hand-pack each product, ensuring an artisanal touch for a unique and personalized experience.